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[EVT][09/16/18] Spoondrift Radio Presents GMAN!

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[09/16/2018] Spoondrift Radio Featuring GMAN! – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei Logic at 4pm PST. For some time now I met this fine individual dancing the night away at the Monkey Loft. I thought hmm, this guy seems like he has an ear for good music and movements..let alone killing it on the dance […]

Tune into the drift! Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018 Live on YouTube at 8pm PST See you then!

[07/10/2018 at 8 PM PST] Spoondrift Radio – Featuring some of the best Underground Electronic Music. Music? Online radio stream? Quite Indubitably! Grei Logic (electronica) SEA Check the timezones: When we go live: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE AND SHARE OUR CHANNEL! Clicking the bell notification will let you know when we are live. […]

[07/03/2018 at 8 PM PST] Spoondrift Radio – Featuring some of the best Underground Electronic Music. Tomorrow looking more into the tones of dubby and experimental. Tune in if you care for some deep chilling with your host, “Grei Logic”   Grei Logic (ambient/downtempo/dub) SEA   Grei Logic (Shepherd Grei) is a pioneer of […]

[06/26/2018 at 8 PM PST] Spoondrift Radio – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei.   It is time to get down to some DNB to quench your soul and dancing vibes as the sun stays light deep into the night.   Grei Logic (DNB/Jungle) SEA   Grei Logic (Shepherd Grei) is a pioneer of […]

Booty Chakra Collective proudly invites you back to the historic Star Theater Portland, as we revel in planetary alignment and the welcoming of summer. To celebrate the solstice, we’re turning back the sands of time, transforming the theater into the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria. Hidden oasis, forgotten temples, buried alien ruins.. cities swallowed by the unrelenting […]

Hey friends,   This week- Spoondrift Radio is taking a break, however we are working on some sweet archive retrieval for shows dating back to January among many more being set for podcasting from Stay tuned! Thank you for your continued support!

Grei Logic is proud to present a new mix of techno and trance… EARTH (Recorded on Earth Day, 2018) Listen to Earth (tech-trance mix) 04-23-2018 byGrei Logic on Featuring Mantik, Flembaz, Loopus in Fabula, Trilingo, Funky Dragfon, Shogan, Illegal Substances, Amygdfala, Midi Miliz, Spoonhead, Tapwatr, Suntree & Easy Riders, Process, and Arnaud Le Texiera; in […]

Tuesday, 03.27.2018 Spoondrift Radio at 8pm, PST Spoondrift Radio is proud to present Grei Logic with a special blend of techno and trance tomorrow night! Grei Logic (Spoondrift Radio) techno, trance // Seattle, WA Grei Logic (Shepherd Grei) is an internationally recognized event promoter, DJ, and radio personality from the pacific northwest […]

Tuesday, 03/13/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, Join your host, Grei with special guest, zeero_k joining us for a special day as we move into Pi!   zeero_k (environmental structures/molecular/our house) Seattle, WA Owen Kehoe​ (zeero_k) has been a long time and avid foreman for finding where there is none, making base where there is none, […]