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[SDR] 02-14-18 Featuring DJ Grei aka Waater (Goa/Psytrance)

By on 02/12/2018

Tonight for 02/14/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, DJ Grei (aka Waater) playing a special 2000-2006 DJ set of the beats of the past travels.


Join Grei (Shepherd Grei) for a night of thick Goa and psychedelic tranceĀ  beats that were played from the best of the west to the far-out east, in this trip down memory lane!

Some selections which may be heard will be from labels such as VertigoRecords, Deja Vu, Triplag Music , Gi’Wa Productions, Faerie Dragon Records and more.

Tomorrow at 8pm PST
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See you in the drift!