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[08-10-2019] Neon Vice Fundraising Party

By on 07/17/2019

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JOIN the crew of the Neon Vice Art Car as we celebrate the finale of our fundraising and fabrication process! We are eager to show off the vehicle, and to entertain and dazzle you with music and art displays in the Neon Vice style.

Recognized local DJ and LIVE performers including:

16Bit Villian
Marcell Marias

Local digital and visual artists displaying projection mapping, interactive lighting, and more!
Synthwave/80’s theme Virtual Reality Station!
Themed drink specials!
Costuming heavily encouraged! Retrofuturistic theme!
Art Car tours on site and Karaoke in the Countach lounge!

Are you a VIP? Do you need special treatment? Check out our fundraising page for NEON VICE

Neon Vice is a new Art Car built and operated through volunteer efforts and donations in the Seattle area, led by Sylvain Niles and crew. Neon Vice is targeting appearances at Critical NW and Burning Man 2019. The art car is a full size converted school bus shaped into a much larger than life 1989 Lamborghini Countach. It features a cloth frame on which thematic digital artwork will be projected from underneath, achieving a dynamic and engaging shape in the darkness.

More info at

Tickets available at

Live interview with Greilark tonight at 7:30PM PDT / 9:30PM CDT

By on 07/17/2019

Join Dan Kushner and Coherence for a live interview with Greilark tonight on Gearsplaining!



Panel Content

Live interview on the front page of Twitch with SOBA tonight!

By on 07/13/2019

Tonight at 6:30pm


I’ll be having a 10 minute interview with Seattle Online Broadcasters Association (SOBA live on the front page of twitch! Hope to see you there.

Zeme Festival 2019- We did it!

By on 05/19/2019

Zeme Twitch Fest 2019! May 17 – 19, 2019

By on 05/13/2019

ZEME Twitch Festival. Brought to you by True Deep Movement (TDM Collective) in association with Wave Crew Music, Shrimps and Spoondrift Radio!
A 3-day Electric Music Festival featuring Techno, Goa trance, Trance, House, Drum and Bass, Jungle, and more! We will be showcasing talent from around the world and beamed right to your TV, computer or mobile device.  100% of all contributions will go to the World Wildlife Foundation.

Donation Link:

Let’s talk about the lineup!

May 17, 2019  (Starting 11AM PST)


Dj Synth3tik



Escape Velocity (A1 & Sensenet)

The Guild Navigator

May 18, 2019  (Starting 11AM PST)


DJ Coherence


Dan Kushner

The Librarian [FTA]

Dquil Live

Moose Music

The A.M. Plex

James TC

May 17, 2019  (Starting 9AM PST)

Dan Kushner

DJ Lark

Mister Northside

Scott Danesi

1337 Fuzz

See you at the Fest!

Today at 4PM PDT | Spoondrift Radio Feat. Delic (Zoo Music, IS), SEA

By on 04/28/2019

Today @4PM PST, Delic​ (aka Nicholas Buttacavoli​) will be joining us in the studio to DJ some psytrance fresh from his signing with Zoo Music of Israel!

Delic (Zoo Music), Seattle, WA

Tune on Twitch later today for music, gaming, interviews, and more at

See you in the drift!

Seattle PsyOps 4 year anniversary with a special message from Maurizio Begotti (Etnica / Pleidians)

By on 04/21/2019

Special thanks to Seattle Psy Ops and all the dancers for making such a wonderful night in bringing one of the god fathers of Goa Trance music.

Here is a clip from a moment I had with Maurizio of Etnica/Pleidians.

Tune into Greilark’s stream at for more surprises, gaming and music!


Much love <3


03-09-2019 SDR – Takeover with Special Guest, DJ Taceht *Tonight* at 8PM PST

By on 04/09/2019

Tonight in Spoondrift! Things will be running a little different tonight in my absence.. DJ Taceht will be filling in on my behalf through her channel!


Check it out tonight at 8pm PST With some deep melodic techno. Https:// — give her a follow by signing up on twitch for free.

Great music and original visuals to be seen.

Enjoy the Drift and hope to see you!

By on 04/07/2019

Greeting drifters!
Another Spoondrift Radio Takeover today at 4 PM PDT by MisterNorthside with some progressive techno!
Graphics by Muscleman Ford
MisterNorthSide (aka Scam[Circuit])

Twitch Affiliate Status Achieved!!

By on 03/25/2019

TwitchTHANK YOU, EVERYONE, I just made affiliate with Twitch.

Shout outs: To Fuzz for the awesome t-shirt I wore last night and Baby for being there with me since the beginning of my twitching. This truly means the world to me. Thank you to my longtime friends’ supports, and enablers, David Faulkner and Biff Michael Appia for being there and uplifting

If you have any feedback, music you like, or any interests you would like to see for the stream, I’m all ears. I love receiving, as well as giving feedback. It’s great having so many people into all the colorful music. and different tones and variations.

See you tomorrow with y4h00 and myself to perform some psy-tech goodness arpimd 8PM PDT! Great music afoot.

If you have not joined the great land of purple, being that of Twitch, it’s free!

Until then, see you in the drift!