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{EVT} [04.22.17] Twighlight

{EVT} [04.22.17] Twighlight

By on 04/20/2017

This Saturday: Twighlight Gatherings presents something special for Seattle.

I will be performing the opening set at 11pm. Contact Twighlight Gatherings @Gmail dot com directly via email for more information.

[04.18.2017] Spoondrift Radio Feat. David Dewey

By on 04/17/2017

“Music from another world.”

Spoondrift Radio – Tuesdays at 7pm, PST
Live DJs, electronic music, and more.

Featuring: David Dewey [AGR] Seattle, WA


David Dewey was banished from his home planet onto a passing meteorite. His crime? Rocking too hard. During his aimless trip through space, radio broadcasts were his only friend. Dewey eventually realized the broadcasts were coming from a tiny blue planet billions of miles away. After many light years of cosmic drift he landed in an ocean and was rescued with warm welcome by the Seattle Underground.

Expected flavors of house, techno, trance, with some psy elements.

Warning: Human brains are prone to meltage


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Spoondrift Radio – What’s in the box? Feat Grei

By on 04/11/2017

What’s in the box? See you tonight! 7pm PST, only on Spoondrift Radio with DJ Grei. #soundtracksofourlives

Spoondrift Radio Apr 4 with Grei aka Waater – Music for Shamanic Moment.

By on 04/03/2017

Tuesday April 4at 7pm PST, Spoondrift Radio :: Music for Shamanic Moment.
Grei (Indigo/Triplag Music) :: Seattle, WA
Join us for PsyTrance, DNB DownTempo, and so much more!
YouTube Hotlink: Chat, Live Music, and Video Streaming:

Grei and a Fistful of Techno | SDR

By on 03/28/2017

Tuesday March 28 at 7pm PST, Spoondrift Radio presents Grei and a fistful of Techno.

Spoondrift Radio – LIVE on YouTube!

Grei​ – Seattle, WA

Join us for a slick brick of primary numbers and cataclysmic measures in music as we unite the worlds of tomorrow with the thoughts of today.

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Grei – Impromptu Mix

By on 03/26/2017

With Love <3
Mix recorded 3/18/2017

Live video found at:

Spoondrift Radio Feat. Dominique Nick Live PA

By on 03/21/2017

Tues. March 21 at 7pm PST, Spoondrift Radio presents bring you a live PA featuring Dominique Nick of Seattle.

Join Grei, as your host, and enjoy the splendidness of weird and deranged music and compositions by this true master. <3

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By on 03/14/2017

Tues. March 14 at 7pm PST, we bring you a special night of done with Linenoise and your host, Grei.

Linenoise – Seattle, WA

Grei – Seattle, WA

Live YouTube Stream:
Audio stream also available on

Spoondrift Radio Feat. Erik Braziunas LIVE on YouTube!

By on 03/06/2017

Tues. March 7 at 7pm PST, we bring you a special night of Tech-house with special Guest, Erik Braziunas.

Erik Braziunas – Seattle

Grei will be Supporting with some progressive tech-trance to beign.

Tomorrow’s show will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube and Amiti Group.

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See you tomorrow! 7pm, PST

Spoondrift Radio’s Final Thursday at 7pm PST.

By on 02/02/2017

This will be our final Thursday night- Looks like we will be moving to Tuesdays and taking a slight break as we re-calculate our signals. Tune in tonight at 7pm, PST for some Goa-esque Psyness from Grei.