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[SDR] 02-14-18 Featuring DJ Grei aka Waater (Goa/Psytrance)

[SDR] 02-14-18 Featuring DJ Grei aka Waater (Goa/Psytrance)

By on 02/12/2018

Tonight for 02/14/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, DJ Grei (aka Waater) playing a special 2000-2006 DJ set of the beats of the past travels.


Join Grei (Shepherd Grei) for a night of thick Goa and psychedelic trance  beats that were played from the best of the west to the far-out east, in this trip down memory lane!

Some selections which may be heard will be from labels such as VertigoRecords, Deja Vu, Triplag Music , Gi’Wa Productions, Faerie Dragon Records and more.

Tomorrow at 8pm PST
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See you in the drift!

01/30/18 SDR Featuring Progressive with DJ Grei

By on 01/30/2018

Tonight for 01/30/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, DJ Grei with some progressive goodness.

GREI, SEATTLE, WA (Progressive set)

He may even play one of his own co-created tunes with David Dewey 

Tonight at 8pm PST
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[01/16/2018] SDR Featuring DRAWBIRD

By on 01/15/2018

01/16/2018 at 8pm PST, Spoondrift Radio presents Melodic Techno with Drawbird!

Drawbird of Seattle


Ian Phillips has been a closet electronic producer and musician for close to 20 years, with a focus on LIVE PA performances, soundtracks, and experimental styles. He has created and shared music from many genres, most notably electronica, breaks, industrial, electropop, psy-trance, and down-tempo, with forays into more dance focused styles like progressive and house.

He has performed minor to major gigs opening for many local and international artists and maintained long running residencies at local northwest venues.

His most recent interest is in the merging of music and visual art into new experiences, through Virtual Reality technology.

Live Tomorrow night with music and interview at 8pm PST live on YouTube.
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Live Link:…/UCBtTPJWW0Snb7IrT9SF0Zyg/live

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[01/09/18] SDR with DJ Grei

By on 01/09/2018

Tonight on Spoondrift Radio 🙂 Join us for some drums and bass #DnB with DJ Grei @8pm PST

Featuring DJ Grei (Seattle, WA US):

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Live tonight at 8pm PST
When we go live:…/UCBtTPJWW0Snb7IrT9SF0Zyg/live
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01/02/2018 SDR: Featuring Linenoise (Ambient Set and interview)

By on 01/01/2018

Spoondrift Radio – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei. Tuesdays, at 8pm PST live on YouTube.
Tomorrow night, 01/02/2018
Featuring Interview and DJ Set wth Linenoise (Seattle, WA US):
Linenoise (Danne Stayskal) brings her decades of classical training to her love of electronic music, performing around Cascadia and regularly at Burning Man from ambient, techno and dubbed out space jazz.
Her name comes from the phone phreaker communities in Texas in 1994. She was known for her noisy phone lines, and the name stuck with her. As a founding member of the Tautology arts collective, she builds on her passions for math and science to keep new music flowing through the Seattle and Portland tech sectors, music festivals, and warehouse parties.
Join us live on YouTube at 8pm, PST:
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[12.19.17] Spoondrift Radio Featuring David Dewey

By on 12/18/2017

[12.19.2017] Spoondrift Radio Featuring David Dewey
“Music from another world.”
Spoondrift Radio – Tuesdays at 8pm, PST
Live DJs, electronic music, and talk radio.
Featuring: David Dewey [AGR/Twilight] Seattle, WA
David Dewey was banished from his home planet onto a passing meteorite. His crime? Rocking too hard. During his aimless trip through space, radio broadcasts were his only friend. Dewey eventually realized the broadcasts were coming from a tiny blue planet billions of miles away. After many light years of cosmic drift he landed in an ocean and was rescued with warm welcome by the Seattle Underground.
Warning: Human brains are prone to meltage
I as your host, Grei, will be warming the waters before the Dewey strikes!
What time is it:
Updates and more:
Past shows available at our MixCloud:

SDR Recording from 12-12-2017 Featuring Grei (Downtempo, IDM with a dash of Ambience)

By on 12/15/2017

Hello everyone!

I must apologize in advance for the radio stream having distortion from last weekends show. I need a new patch bay!

The following link to our mixcloud page has a PRISTINE recording from last weeks show.


Feedback welcome.

Thanks all for tuning in and being a part of the magic. See you next time!

Spoondrift Radio tonight! downtempo

By on 12/12/2017

Tonight, on Spoondrift Radio.
Ambient and Down-tempo with DJ Grei.

Show from 8pm – 10pm
Join the stream for live video, audio and chat:

See you in the drift!

[12/05/2017] Spoondrift Radio *NEW TIME!* with Dj Grei

By on 12/04/2017

Thanks again everyone for your support!

Tomorrow night, join Spoondrift Radio for the new start time atat 8pm PST (streaming out of Seattle, WA)!


Grei (aka Waater) | Spoondrift Studios, Seattle

 Grei (Shepherd Grei) is renowned for his talents as a DJ and events coordinator with Indigo, Molecular. Grei has had multiple compilation releases and mixes with  Triplag Music with the underground electronic music scene since 1999. Grei has been on the heels of cultivation through electronic music’s breakbeat science and vibrations that reach back to the early 90s. He earns his respect by having a fresh approach to the platform in the search for the new sound and pushing the envelope.

Tomorrow night, I plan to start the evening with a little bit of Orbital, then who knows from there! perhaps some techno, some broken beats, some progressive, maybe psy, and some electro? feeling a bit funky 🙂START TIME: 8pm, PST.
When we go live:

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Thanks to everyone for your support. See you in the drift!

Spoondrift Studios Recallibration

By on 11/26/2017

Spoondrift Studios will be taking a break this week for some recallibration.

Until then, please take a look at our Mixcloud page for recent mixes from the last few weeks, and more!

Thank you for all the love and support.

See you next week!