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[MIX] Grei Logic – Earth (tech trance) 4-23-2018

[MIX] Grei Logic – Earth (tech trance) 4-23-2018

By on 04/29/2018

Grei Logic is proud to present a new mix of techno and trance…

EARTH (Recorded on Earth Day, 2018)

Featuring Mantik, Flembaz, Loopus in Fabula, Trilingo, Funky Dragfon, Shogan, Illegal Substances, Amygdfala, Midi Miliz, Spoonhead, Tapwatr, Suntree & Easy Riders, Process, and Arnaud Le Texiera; in a blend of goa, trance, funky rhythms, pulsating bass, and in-depth rhythms that will shake the earth beneath your feet.

Inspired by travel around of the world, space, and of the people which keep the beat going.

Thank you to all artist involved that helped make this mix possible and contributed their tracks for this mix. Thanks to Jan Muller, Matteo (Loopus) Stroppa, Sean (Process) Williams, Darren Gorden, and Nikki Nix for pushing the envelope in constant search for the new sound. You have been great inspirations for my journey in music.

Thank you to Christian Collins for donating his art to this mix!

Special thanks to all the dancers and communities who inspired the sound and tone of this mix!

SUPER special thanks to my mum and sis for continually inspiring me to come from a place of Truth, intelligence, and Love.

Feedback welcome.

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Cover “imagination” by @bluespectralmonkey instagram

04/24/2018 SDR Feat Grei Logic (in Dub)

By on 04/24/2018

You all thought we forgot about you! Haha


Catch you in an hour with some downbeat dubs from yours truly! Live and Love 

8pm, or sooner!

When we go live:


04/17/18 SDR Feat. Grei Logic (Drum n Bass / Electronica)

By on 04/17/2018

Spoondrift Radio – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei.
04/17/2018 at 8PM PST, Featuring Grei Logic

Drum n Bass / Electronica // Seattle, WA

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04/10/2018 SDR Featuring Miss Min.D * House / Breaks * Fraktured, Seattle

By on 04/09/2018

Tuesday, 04/10/2018, Please join Spoondrift Radio​ for our next show as we go into the underground scene for a set of house and breaks with special guest, Miss Min.D and Spoondrift’s host, Grei.

Miss Min.D (Fraktured) Seattle

Miss Min.D​ (Fraktured​), House and Breaks // Seattle, WA

Originally from the deserts of Wyoming, Miss Min.D has found her home in the Seattle music scene in 2004.

Co-founding of production companies such as Skunky Beats, DJ4NORML and most recently Fraktured, in the greater Seattle area, Miss Min.D has over 14 years of throwing shows and jamming beats! She has ranged from UK Hard House, Electro House, Disco swing house, Booty Breaks and most recently Liquid Drum and Bass.

Playing with many names such as DJ Dan, Krafty Kuts, Left/Right and Donald Glaude she has held several residencies at local hot spots around Seattle such as Last Super Club, Club Contour and Noc Noc.

Her current love for breaks has found her current residency at Fraktured Sundays at Kremwerk.

Her style and energy behind the decks is a force to be reckoned with and will never disappoint! With great track selection and energy through the roof, she hopes to make that booty clap and you drop it down low on the dance floor!

Hope you’re ready to dance!

Tomorrow at 8pm PST

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03.27.2018 SDR Featuring Grei Logic [Techno/Trance]

By on 03/26/2018

Tuesday, 03.27.2018 Spoondrift Radio at 8pm, PST

Spoondrift Radio is proud to present Grei Logic with a special blend of techno and trance tomorrow night!

GREI – Artist, Musician, Producer

Grei Logic (Spoondrift Radio)
techno, trance // Seattle, WA

Grei Logic (Shepherd Grei) is an internationally recognized event promoter, DJ, and radio personality from the pacific northwest since 2001. He is known for playing a spectrum of electronica. He is known for playing deep cuts for wide audiences with ranges such as techno, trance, house, and drum & bass.

Tomorrow at 8pm PST

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03.20.18 SDR Featuring Madame7 | Happy Spring from Spoondrift Radio!

By on 03/19/2018

Happy Spring Equinox from Spoondrift Radio!

Join us this Tuesday, 03/20/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, Join your host, Grei with special guest, Madame7 for our first day of Spring in 2018!

~ Madame7 (Dreamseed Collective), deep house, minimal techno, psytech // Seattle, WA

Madame7 (aka Jodi Meadows​) has been a long time supporter and purveyor of the underground electronic dance community in techno, house, and trance. She is also known for her mad skills of a threads, elixirs, and sonic vibrational healings.

Don’t miss this one!

Tomorrow at 8pm PST

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[03.13.18] SDR Featuring zeero_k, Seattle WA US

By on 03/12/2018

Tuesday, 03/13/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, Join your host, Grei with special guest, zeero_k joining us for a special day as we move into Pi!


zeero_k (environmental structures/molecular/our house) Seattle, WA

Owen Kehoe​ (zeero_k) has been a long time and avid foreman for finding where there is none, making base where there is none, and creating lush atmospheres by the stroke of his track selection genius! Expect tones of ambient delight, downtempo,  psybass in his own special blend of dancelike  movements.

This is one not to miss!

Tomorrow at 8pm PST

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When we go live:

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SDR: 02.26.18 Feat. Grei Logic (Goa DJ Set)

By on 02/26/2018

Tuesday, 02/27/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, Join Grei for another trip through trance.

GREI LOGIC – SEATTLE, WA (Goatrance and more)
Join Grei (Shepherd Grei) for a night of thick Goa tranceriffic beats.

Tomorrow at 8pm PST

When we go live:

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[02/20/18][SDR] We’re Back! Special memory lane DJ set by DJ Grei aka Waater

By on 02/20/2018

Tonight for 02/20/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, DJ Grei (aka Waater) playing a special 2000-2006 DJ set of the beats of the past travels.
Join Grei (Shepherd Grei) for a night of thick Goa and psychedelic trance beats that were played from the best of the west to the far-out east, in this trip down memory lane!
Some selections which may be heard will be from labels such as VertigoRecords, Deja Vu, Triplag Music , Gi’Wa Productions, Faerie Dragon Records and more.
Tomorrow at 8pm PST
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YouTube link:
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Spoondrift Radio CO-OPTED by The Heartbreak Science Fair!

By on 02/13/2018

CHANGE OF PLANS!!!! This event has gone ROGUE and being CO-OPTED BY The Heartbreak Science Fair (2018)​!!! ::::

Live performances, art, avante garde music. See you tonight in the drift! Going from WHEN WE GET THERE to 10PM


Destiny Vesper​ : Unravels her heartstrings of electrified mixed media 3D art that will make your heart pound with excitement.

• Dominique Nick masterminds hand-built interactive circuit-built artwork, detectors, and sound machines. These genius inventions will astound the most curious of hearts.

• Julie Louise emotes raw and intellectual mixed media collage artwork to bring you the depth of her introspective micro lens

• Krista Lee Wolfe is an experimental mess and performs however the hell she wants… She’ll probably perform through a loop pedal because she needs therapy in front of a crowd… Maybe she has some artwork on the wall and some weird ideas about putting together an art/science event.

Check the timezones:

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YouTube link:

See you in the drift!