03-09-2019 SDR – Takeover with Special Guest, DJ Taceht *Tonight* at 8PM PST

Tonight in Spoondrift! Things will be running a little different tonight in my absence.. DJ Taceht will be filling in on my behalf through her channel!


Check it out tonight at 8pm PST With some deep melodic techno. Https://twitch.tv/djtaceht — give her a follow by signing up on twitch for free.

Great music and original visuals to be seen.

Enjoy the Drift and hope to see you!

Greeting drifters!
Another Spoondrift Radio Takeover today at 4 PM PDT by MisterNorthside with some progressive techno! https://twitch.tv/greilark

Graphics by Muscleman Ford

MisterNorthSide (aka Scam[Circuit])

Twitch Affiliate Status Achieved!!

TwitchTHANK YOU, EVERYONE, I just made affiliate with Twitch.

Shout outs: To Fuzz for the awesome t-shirt I wore last night and Baby for being there with me since the beginning of my twitching. This truly means the world to me. Thank you to my longtime friends’ supports, and enablers, David Faulkner and Biff Michael Appia for being there and uplifting

If you have any feedback, music you like, or any interests you would like to see for the stream, I’m all ears. I love receiving, as well as giving feedback. It’s great having so many people into all the colorful music. and different tones and variations.

See you tomorrow with y4h00 and myself to perform some psy-tech goodness arpimd 8PM PDT! Great music afoot.

If you have not joined the great land of purple, being that of Twitch, it’s free!


Until then, see you in the drift!

[03.19.2019] Spoondrift Radio – Vote for the music!

Greetings Drifters,

Vote for what type of music you want to hear for March 19th’s broadcast of Spoondrift Radio!


The broadcast will commence at 8pm PST only on https://www.twitch.tv/greilark

Not a Twitch member? Simply follow the twitch link above and create a free account.

I look forward to the results!


Also, we’ve done a massive facelift of the studio since your last visit for those that have not tuned in. Many new things await!


[SDR][EVT] Seattle PsyOps INVASION tonight!

Tonight at 8pm PST it’s a Seattle Psy Ops INVASION!
Sign up on twitch.tv to watch and check it out!
This special show will consist of trance, psytrance, goa, and anything that will get the dancefloor shakin’
See you in the drift!

New podcasts from Greilark now available!

Check out all the new DJ sets including ambient, downtempo, IDM, psy-tech,  house, jungle, drum n bass, and more!

Download and share as you like!

Thank you for the continued support.

Grei Logic renames to “Greilark”

After much debate and consideration, I will be renaming the “Grei Logic” project to “Greilark“.


Thank you to my friends for your support and consideration in helping me with this process.

Wishing all the best and looking forward to 2019!

[01.20.2018] Spoondrift Radio – DnB with Grei Logic

Drum n Bass tomorrow? 6PM PST? yep!
See you in the drift!

[EVT][01.10.18] Spoondrift Radio with Grei featuring psytrance and techno

I will be playing some Psytrance and techno tomorrow on the drift at 8pm PST! See you On Twitch.tv!

[EVT][01/04/2018] Spoondrift Radio on Twitch live streaming featuring Grei Logic @5:30 PM PST

[01/04/2018] Spoondrift Radio presents a pre-funk birthday bash for SenseNet!

Greetings drifters!

Tomorrow at 5:30 PM, Grei Logic and Spoondrift Radio are setting a course for the great purple beyond of Twitch!

Grei Media’s official stream for Twitch:

Discord channel for chat and discussion available at https://discord.gg/2ZHQNgz

GREI LOGIC (Downtempo, Trip-hop) Seattle
https://greimusic.com https://facebook.com/greilogic

For this special night, Grei Logic will be performing a pre-funk birthday celebration for Sensenet as per requested by the lady of the hour for a chill and groove set! Afterward,  Sensenet will play a DNB-licious set hereafter of which stream at 7 PM EST.!

Sensent and A1-Voodoo

Sensenet is a a DNB DJ and Producer based out of Asheville, NC with roots in the Florida electronic music scene going back to 1995, she is currently working on her first debut single to be released in 2019. Heavily influenced by the Industrial genre (Trent Rezor, Nitzer Ebb, Jackyl & Hyde) and classic artists like Herbie Hancock and Pink Floyd her sets can go from atmospheric jungle to some deep and hard-hitting amens and two-step tracks with a darker and ominous edge. Taking cues from the mixing styles of Doc Scott, she’ll play whatever strikes her sonically, be it an old skool 160 bpm jungle track by Intense, alongside brand new releases from the likes of Dom & Roland, Blocks & Escher, and Seba.

We will be raiding into their stream to parallel the night 😉

For more information, check them out at https://straylightmusicgroup.com/sensenet/

How do I tune in? 
* When we go live: https://twitch.tv/greilark
* Join us on Discord! https://discord.gg/2ZHQNgz
* Synchronize clocks: https://time.is
* Follow us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/spoondriftradio
* Blog, shows, music, and more: https://greimusic.com

Interested in being a part of Spoondrift Radio? Contact me

See you in the drift!