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Hey team! I’m feeling a little Waatery tonight- looking forward to spinning some psytrance for all your dancing and stomping pleasures. Spoondrift Radio – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei Logic live. 07/31/2018 at 8pm PST Waater – Seattle, WA – Goa/Psytrance Check the timezones: See you in the drift! Live Link: https://www.youtub/ […]

Tonight for 02/14/2018 on Spoondrift Radio, DJ Grei (aka Waater) playing a special 2000-2006 DJ set of the beats of the past travels. DJ GREI AKA WAATER, SEATTLE, WA (GOA/PSYTRANCE) Join Grei (Shepherd Grei) for a night of thick Goa and psychedelic tranceĀ  beats that were played from the best of the west to […]

Spoondrift Radio presents a Triplag Music 10 year anniversary event, featuring an exclusive interview with Yuvin Shetty a.k.a. ParasitE on the new compilation “Shamanic Moments” plus a promo mix with the new compilation. ParasitE (Triplag Music, JellyFish Recordings, Sonic Tantra Recs), Dubai Yuvin Shetty, hailing from Dubai, we will go into a deep […]