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Drifters and friends alike, there are some upcoming shows in Seattle worth checking into! ((((( Friday, November 9, 2018 ))))) Seattle PsyOps: Dickster!​ Seattle Psy Ops​ proudly presents legendary producer Dickster/Dick Trevor at Substation! Save money, buy your tickets in advance, see you there!!! 👽 ((((( Saturday, November 10, 2018 ))))) Goddesses 8: She Persists […]

Hello ‘Drifters! We have a special broadcast live from Seattle ONLY on Spoondrift Radio coming your way tomorrow night (Thursday, November 8) around 8pm. Set your transistors to CHILL and GROOVE Featuring Grei Logic …a potential suprise special guest… So stay tuned! When we go live: Check your timezone: Follow us on Facebook: Like and Subscribe to […]

Tune in tonight on space toilet radio for a special 2×4 set with pantiestheclown and Grei Logic! The show will commence around 9pm pst!        

SDR Tonight at 8pm PST! See you soon.

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Need a little drifting to get you throughout the week? Grei Logic you say? Check out what’s in store tonight at 8PM PST! See you in the drift!

Slopedown postponed

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Hey team! Due to current travels going abroad, Slopedown has will be back with us next month. Be on the lookout! Tuning this week, Kcois and Grei Logic. See you at 8pm!

Spoondrift Radio , this Sunday at 8pm PST Featuring Kçois  and Slopedown! Greetings drifters and welcome to another week of Spoondrift Radio! Musical styles ranging from dubbing techno minimal house and whatever they feel like playing.   Kçois – Techno/House/Psy/Dnb/Dub/Moombaton/Trap, Seattle, WA Kçois (Kelly Jowett) has played for several promoters in Eastern Washington from […]

[10.03.2018][EVT] Because We Can 2.0

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Tonight I will the rebar I’ll be playing as Waater around 10pm pst.  I highly recommend this as a good mid week venture.. Because We Can! Psytrance Wednesdays at the Re-bar brings you out of town trance headliners paired with local talent to bring you an evening of heavy hitters on our KV2 sound system. […]

[EVT][09/16/18] Spoondrift Radio Presents GMAN!

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[09/16/2018] Spoondrift Radio Featuring GMAN! – Underground Electronic Music hosted by Grei Logic at 4pm PST. For some time now I met this fine individual dancing the night away at the Monkey Loft. I thought hmm, this guy seems like he has an ear for good music and movements..let alone killing it on the dance […]

Tune into the drift! Tuesday, Sept 11, 2018 Live on YouTube at 8pm PST See you then!

[07/10/2018 at 8 PM PST] Spoondrift Radio – Featuring some of the best Underground Electronic Music. Music? Online radio stream? Quite Indubitably! Grei Logic (electronica) SEA Check the timezones: When we go live: SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE AND SHARE OUR CHANNEL! Clicking the bell notification will let you know when we are live. […]