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Greetings ‘Drifters!

This Tuesday, May 9, 2017 at 7pm PST, Spoondrift Radio bring you a night of Techno with Linenoise and Grei. Join us in the rhythm of the night!

Linenoise (Self Inspired) Seattle, WA

Linenoise is Danne Stayskal, a synesthetic DJ. She sees what she hears and hears what she sees.

Grei (Twilight Gatherings) Seattle, WA

A long time player and purveyor of music and the bass line that will tantalize the senses.

Tune in LIVE for CHAT, AUDIO and VIDEO *ONLY* on YouTube:…/UCBtTPJWW0Snb7IrT9SF0Zyg/live

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Spoondrift Radio – Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Featuring Drawbird (TGE Recordings) and BNTY HNTR (Twilight Gatherings, CybeReaction, Fractured), Seattle

Join just for a special occasion of Deep House, Trance, and Psybreaks with two pioneers of solid sound and amazing dance floors.

Drawbird (TGE Recordings) Seattle, WA

Much like the way I feel about my production and creation of music, and my lifelong obsession with it, I like to create a hypnotic undercurrent, something primal and seductive, that occasionally surfaces like a leviathan from the deep,
leaving you mad with desire to see it again… I like electrowhateveronica featuring new and used vibrations.”

BNTY HNTR (Fractured, CybeReacion, Twilight) SEA

“BNTY HNTR (Chuck Larson) has been involved with the electronic music scene as a DJ/Producer since the early 90’s. His music and style has been performed up and down the West Coast, Burning Man, Idaho and as far east as Arkansas. International shows include several trips to Mexico and Canada. Bounty Hunter is a founding member of the Seattle based group CybeReation and also Digital Godfathers and Locos Only of Eastern Washington. Now on future endeavors, Chuck is looking to bring on a return to the source adventure with a newly found Northwest project “Twilight”.”

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Spoondrift Radio will commence at 7pm, PST
Get your dancing feet ready! It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Spoondrift Radio Proudly presents, S-RANGE and CAPT. TRIPPS!.
S-Range (Spiral Trax, Iboga Records) SWEDEN
S-Range is Anthony Sillfors, a Progressive and Psychedelic trance producer from Sweden.
Hailed as one of the most innovate artists in the Trance scene, Anthony, aka S-Range never holds back from experimenting, and he’s always conjuring up exotic soundscapes. From across Australia, Brazil, Israel, India, Japan, Mexico, USA, to all over Europe, the trancers have swayed to the beats of his Live & DJ sets. He returns in 2017 with a ton of new music – albums, ep’s, exciting new projects!! It’s back to the future!
Capt Tripps (Seattle Psy Ops) USA
“My name is Capt Tripps ( joe ), and I’ve been DJing since 1989. Initially when I started I was a New Wave Dj. Yeah I’m old. As i progressed I found techno and hard trance, (deep, minimal, and psycho). I still love it and just recently started playing some of the new stuff again. Then came Psytrance. I started playing psychedelic trance over 16 years ago and haven’t stopped. To me, there is nothing like it. I’ve played all over the United States from Norfolk Virginia to Seattle Washington.”
A night of great music soon to commence.
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This Saturday: Twighlight Gatherings presents something special for Seattle.

I will be performing the opening set at 11pm. Contact Twighlight Gatherings @Gmail dot com directly via email for more information.

“Music from another world.”

Spoondrift Radio – Tuesdays at 7pm, PST
Live DJs, electronic music, and more.

Featuring: David Dewey [AGR] Seattle, WA


David Dewey was banished from his home planet onto a passing meteorite. His crime? Rocking too hard. During his aimless trip through space, radio broadcasts were his only friend. Dewey eventually realized the broadcasts were coming from a tiny blue planet billions of miles away. After many light years of cosmic drift he landed in an ocean and was rescued with warm welcome by the Seattle Underground.

Expected flavors of house, techno, trance, with some psy elements.

Warning: Human brains are prone to meltage


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Tues. March 14 at 7pm PST, we bring you a special night of done with Linenoise and your host, Grei.

Linenoise – Seattle, WA

Grei – Seattle, WA

Live YouTube Stream:
Audio stream also available on

Tues. March 7 at 7pm PST, we bring you a special night of Tech-house with special Guest, Erik Braziunas.

Erik Braziunas – Seattle

Grei will be Supporting with some progressive tech-trance to beign.

Tomorrow’s show will be broadcast LIVE on YouTube and Amiti Group.

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See you tomorrow! 7pm, PST

This Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 7pm PST, Spoondrift Radio Presents:

Spoondrift Radio with Linenoise [12.22.2016]

Linenoise (SEA) :: Ambient, Downtempo, IDM, Electro, Techno

Linenoise is Danne Stayskal, a synesthetic DJ. She sees what she hears and hears what she sees.

Spoondrift Radio :: Thursday, December 15th, 2016 at 7pm PST

LeoHawk on Spoondrift Radio - Dec 15, 2016

Tonight, Spoondrift Radio proudly presents one of the most remarkable DJ and psytrance label producer on the west coast, LeoHawk – Shaman Electro Records Co-Owner from the Bay Area!

Leo Burkatov been a long time avid promoter and record label owner with nothing but good sound. His vibe carries any dance floor into a frenetic frenzy and works through your body like a chakra shakedown, allowing you to feel the music from head to toe.

LeoHawk has cooked us up something special, this Psychill and Dwontempo mix has already been broadcast but we at Spoondrift Radio like to promote efforts towards the new sound and unknown within us. We Hope you all enjoy!

APP: AGR Omnicast Radio available for Android OS.
Special thanks to our friends at Amiti Group and MFYoloPotato for their continued support.

Hello all! Spoondrift Radio is Going MOBILE for a special broadcast! We are in full support. However, we still recommend being there in person! There is much to see here that you won’t believe unless you were there. <3


Golden Record II: Heliopause

  • Saturday, December 10 at 8 PM – 2 AM in Seattle
  • Historic Landmark Site (Classified Outpost), SEA
  • Tickets available at

“This is a present from a small distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts, and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours. We hope someday, having solved the problems we face, to join a community of galactic civilisations. This record represents our hope and our determination, and our good will in a vast and awesome universe.” ~ Golden Record greeting

GOLDEN RECORD II: Once again, it’s that point in spacetime forTYPONEXUS to lead a cadre of cosmonauts on a vivid, immersive, cutting-edge, multi-sensory odyssey with a mission to deliver our annual Golden Record update across frontiers of outer space. Spikes in audiovisual intake registered by the Cosmic Organ Control Panel indicate that Voyager 1 advanced beyond the heliopause. Don your spacesuits, converge at the Deep Space Network Station (disguised on your map as a century-old, historic landmark site), and join the transmission. Tracing the trajectory of the farthest-reaching spacecraft, we escape the electromagnetic embrace of our solar system and delve into mysteries of the interstellar medium, while reflecting on that pale blue dot we call home – and our place within it.

Golden Record is a holistic script of ourselves, humans – a collage of unique, individual manifestations of the whole – traversing the Universe as we search beyond – within and without. It’s a foray into the world of human expression – an intimate, ephemeral, multifaceted sample of our civilization. It’s a message in a bottle carrying our identity: culture, imagination, accomplishments and aspirations.

This evening is a collective writing of our own.

= FUNDRAISING: A portion of proceeds from this event BENEFITS STANDING ROCK Medic + Healer Council =

= UNEARTHLY VENUE: ballroom with a pipe organ, view of Puget Sound, magnificent aesthetic & acoustics =

= SOUND SYSTEM: first of this design on west coast, engineered by noise cancellation research scientists =

= All sets are LIVE =

// Optical VJ Showcase – Carrie Gates (Canada)
// Site-specific, interactive 3D Projection Mapping – Jinx’ 75- A Live Visuals Studio

// Liquid Ambient Dub Techno – BT Gate X-138 / Boreal Taiga (Norway / SEA, original compositions)
// “Deep Brain For Best Music” – DJ Explorateur
// Synesthetic DJ – Linenoise

// Pipe Organ & Grand Piano – Taylor Mitchell
// Boxes, Loops & Echoes – T/MBR
// Electic Cello – Ken Jacobsen

// Aerials – Kelly Ward
// Butoh – Kaoru Okumura
// LED flow & Silk Veil Fan Dance – Anubis Bennu
// Rock Balancing Sculptures – Bill Carlson
// Embodied Painting Performance – Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti & Shawna Holman
// Live Painting – Adam One
// Interactive Light, Fire & Mixed Media Installations
// Art Gallery

// Featured Exhibiting Artists:
Miguel Edwards
Donovan Allen
dear earthling
Celine Chapus
Dmitri Zyuzin

// Historic Pipe Organ Tour
// Secret Lounge with 78s

// Event Photography – Miguel Edwards Photography
// Cinematography – White Crane Photography
// Live broadcast – Shepherd Grei (Spoondrift Radio, Amiti Group, OmniCast)

Tonight, channeling generative forces, we resonate our inner rhythms outward. We imagine, create and witness together, feasting on the plenitude of gifts shared amidst fellow earthlings. We bond, make our imprint, and soar on.

See you out there…

– – –
* Adv. RSVP + Costume req’d
* BYO cup + Bone$ for art
* Location: disclosed after confirmed reservation
* Spread the word to the likeminded!

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