Grei Logic (Shepherd Grei) is an internationally renowned DJ and events promoter from the pacific northwest since 2001. He is known for playing a spectrum of electronica. He is known for playing deep cuts for wide audiences with ranges such as techno, trance, house, and drum & bass. He is also known for filling rooms with trip hop and downbeat rhythms, always looking to push the envelope in search of the new sound.


Grei Logic, formerly known as “Waater”, began his music career in the early 90s through his travels the odd-verse of sound and reality while calculating planetary alignment. Later, he took his studies further and achieved  a certificate in Professional Music at the Portland Community College and found himself in a recording engineering studio with Kevin Winkle at the Ascended Masters Dojo.

He has been on the heels of cultivation through electronic music’s breakbeat science and vibrations. He is known for playing the likes of Ambient, Downbeat and Trip-hop, Electro-Tech, Drum & Bass, Goa Trance, IDM, and more.  He earned respect in the ranks from many vets in the community, by having a fresh approach to events, pushing the envelope in sound, and keeping the vibe alive, deep into the dusty mornings.

He has been known to fly with  the likes of labels and music groups such as Triplag Music, Inertia Labs, Every Element Productions, Metacrew, Amiti Group and Indigo throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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